Robbins Library is investing in Arlington’s youth by expanding seating capacity and options in the library’s Teen Space. Thanks to a grant from the Arlington Libraries Foundation, teenage library patrons will begin the new school year with a reconfigured laptop bar and new modular, mobile tables, featuring a whiteboard surface and perfect for collaboration and artistic expression.

The facelift in the Teen Space began in early June, when the laptop bar was moved to make room for the new tables and chairs.  Tables designed to cater to teens’ creative impulses were installed over the summer.  

Teens are already excited about the changes in the Teen Space.  “The first teens who walked in and saw the new tables immediately said “so cool!” says Teen Librarian Stephen Torporov. 

The Library’s Teen Space is a  popular after-school destination for teenagers in Arlington. Up to 100 teenage patrons visit the Teen Space on any given day, using the space to hang out, study, play games, attend library programs, and indulge their creativity. When staff asked teen patrons what improvements they would like to see in the Teen Space, the overwhelming response was simply more seating and workspace. The staff and teenage patrons of the Robbins Library are grateful to the Arlington Libraries Foundation for making upgrades possible through their generous support.