New Board members Announced

The Arlington Libraries Foundation is pleased to announce three new members of the Board.

The Arlington Libraries Foundation Board recently invited three new members to join the board. These members are Karin Barrett, Maureen Quinn and Bettina Stevens. Their enthusiasm for the library, connection to the community and personal experiences will further strengthen the leadership of the foundation board.

The Board would also like to recognize and send appreciation to outgoing board members, Leah Rothschild Eggers, Kathryn Gandek-Tighe, Martha Parravano and Lori Uhland. They were all instrumental in getting the foundation started in the first year, and in helping create the structure from which the foundation will grow.

An extra thank you goes out to Kathryn Gandek-Tighe whose experience with non-profit organizations allowed her to guide the Library Trustees, the town, and the Foundation Board through the hurdles of creating, legalizing and documenting a new non-profit organization separate from the Library Trustees. We hope she does not mind the random phone call or email we know she will continue to receive over the coming years.

Second Annual Materials Campaign Underway

The Arlington Libraries Foundation second annual Materials Fund Campaign is underway. We hope you are ready to join your neighbors and friends in supporting our libraries.

Have you ever downloaded an e-book or audiobook from Arlington’s libraries? In the last year, the number of e-books and audiobooks downloaded by Arlington patrons has increased by 150% to around 3,000 every month. Downloadable books are just one of many kinds of materials offered by the Robbins and Fox libraries, but one that is increasingly important to patrons of all ages.