Donating to an unrestricted fund is one of the most generous gift a patron can make.

The unrestricted donation gives the Arlington Libraries Foundation the flexibility to allocate your gift where is is most needed. From covering funding gaps to providing support for programming not imaginable when the annual budget was created, your gift allows the Robbins Library to provide excellent programming and materials to our community.

Available when you need it


Our Arlington Libraries are valuable community resources and we all want as much access to them as possible.

The Extra Hours Fund was created to support the costs of staffing and overhead to open the Robbins Library on Sundays from 2-5 PM from October to May. For many years, the generosity of our patrons who kept our doors open on Sunday afternoons.

Now that Sunday ours have been approved into the Library operating budget, the extra hours fund will be used to find more ways to keep the doors to the Library open and enhance access for all!



...and listen to audiobooks, and watch DVDs, and read periodicals, and read e-books, and visit museums!  

The Materials Fund supports additions to the collections of the Robbins and Fox Libraries. These materials include books, audio books, music CDs, magazines, electronic books and databases. 

Having a rich and current pool of materials is one of the many qualities that makes out Libraries great. We hope you can join us in supporting the materials fund.



Libraries are places where children learn to explore 


As a community resource, the Arlington Libraries want to enable our children to develop a love of reading and life-long learning skills.

From baby sing-a-longs and toddler story hours to study rooms and teen book-clubs, our libraries strive to be a place where children and teens feel welcome and empowered to connect and learn.