The Arlington Libraries Foundation is dedicated to helping open the doors to all who are curious, creating an inclusive space for the Arlington community, and ensuring the libraries’ future as the cornerstone of the community for generations to come.

Supporting the Robbins and Fox Branch Libraries, we work to create a place where readers and resources connect. The libraries are more than physical spaces to find books, they are windows into adventure, innovation, creativity, community and opportunity. We strive to make that possible.

The Arlington Libraries Foundation raises funds to bridge the gap between assets and aspirations in order to maintain a world-class library. We help support current programs and launch new initiatives. We are investing in the libraries we love.


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Who Made You a Reader?

Holding a book is a link to the past and a portal to the future. Do you remember who shared the gift reading with you? Was it a parent, teacher or a librarian? Honor those who introduced you to the library by sharing your story.

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"Part of being human is recognizing that we are all differently abled, and however one is currently abled may not be how one is abled in the future. This book builds understanding and empathy to what being human really means.” Rebecca Gruber, Chair of the Envision Arlington Diversity Task Group and ART selection committee member

Arlington Welcomes Celebrated Activist Judy Heumann for 2023 Annual Community Read Program

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What doors has the library opened for you?

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