Materials Campaign Underway!

This month the Foundation took over running the annual campaign to raise money for materials at Arlington’s libraries. The campaign was originally created by the Libraries’ trustees, but changing government regulations meant that they were no longer able to run the campaign as a town appointed board. The Friends of the Robbins Library ran the campaign while the Foundation was being created.

Although individuals can donate to the Foundation or the Friends of the Robbins at any time of year, this annual campaign is specifically to raise awareness of the importance of the materials in the libraries and encourage people to consider making a donation to increase them. Recently, the Foundation received a thoughtful letter from a patron. She shared these comments about her experience with Arlington’s library materials and librarians, and the profound impact they had on her family:

‘When I was in elementary school at a school for the blind, I used to love going to the library. I enjoyed reading and was constantly nagging the librarian to give me books. When my own children were young, I desperately wanted them to develop a love of reading but dreaded taking them to the library. It seemed like a daunting place with books that I could not read myself and obviously could not read to them.

Thankfully, I was wrong. With a collection of “print/braille” books in the children’s room and children’s librarians who were always welcoming and willing to make recommendations, I never felt unwelcome. All three of my children loved the story hours. We always took out a pile of library books.’

Arlington’s Robbins and Fox Libraries contain a wide variety of materials intended to serve our entire community. Just during the last fiscal year, patrons checked out:

• Nearly 490,000 books
• More than 86,000 videos and DVDs
• Almost 57,000 compact discs and cassettes
• Over 39,000 print periodicals, e-books, audiobooks, museum passes, and other materials.

Behind every one of these items is a story like this one. There is a toddler with a pile of picture books, an adult with an eagerly awaited best seller, a family headed to a museum, and a student with research materials for a term paper.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Arlington Libraries Foundation to grow the collections of our libraries, and help create many more special, educational, and enriching moments! Every gift makes a difference. Your support is an investment in our community through continued expansion of the materials that we offer you, your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

Gifts can be made using the mail-in form, or on our secure online donation page. Thank you for your support!