Duffy-Rodriguez Fund Established

 The Foundation was pleased to be notified of its first restricted endowed fund.

This fund established by board member Richard A. Duffy will be dedicated to the expansion of hours when the Robbins Library is not open to the public by means of the regular municipal budget. Such increased access benefits library patrons from all walks of life and needs. It has proven to be a significant part of fulfilling the mission of our libraries and has been made possible only though private giving on a year-to-year current basis.

Income from the Duffy-Rodriguez fund will stabilize expanded hours in the future, whether this be Sunday-afternoon openings in years of constrained financial cycles, or other opportunities to ‘raise the welcome flag’ at times when this would not otherwise be possible. 

“Establishing an endowed fund at the Arlington Libraries Foundation is in certain ways a gift to yourself because it ensures that a library-service that you especially value will be made available for generations to come. It’s also a meaningful opportunity to commemorate forever a special event or achievement in your life or to keep alive the memory of a family member or friend far into the future.” –Richard A. Duffy